Alexandre Beisbardt

Alexandre Beisbardt


fter an engineering degree in computer science obtained in 2000 at the University of Paris
XI, I decided quickly to join the aviation industry a year after to accomplish a dream that I had
from my youngest age.

In year 2001, I had the opportunity to join Air France Industries as an avionics engineer for the
maintenance and upgrade of the French Air Force E-3F AWACS fleet. This period gave me
the opportunity to explore most of communication, navigation and surveillance systems for civil
and military aircraft as well as the aircraft modification aspects including installation, ground
and flight tests as well as certification by the French military authorities.

More than 8 years after I decided to join the Safran group (Sagem at that time in 2009) to work
on civil avionics projects. I spent my first 2 years on EFIS glass cockpit retrofit and helicopter
autopilot installation. This has been a good occasion for me to discover the world of rotary wing
operations that has some significant differences compared to fixed wing platforms.
Since 2011, I have been working on the CARNAC Flight Inspection product as a system
engineer in charge of managing development of new hardware and software capacities as
RNAV/PBN and GBAS. I have also personally contributed to installation of new FIS for various
customer worldwide.

Contact Information

Websites: CARNAC – Automatic Flight Inspection System | Safran (

Address:   Safran Electronics & Defense

                       100 avenue de Paris

                        F-91300 Massy


Phone:       +33 1 58 11 46 09



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