Mr. Mel King

Mr. Mel King

Systems Engineer Flight Inspection, Airways Corporation of New Zealand, Ltd., responsible for managing flight inspection services, defining and maintaining flight inspection standards and procedures, researching flight inspection methods and systems and advising on Navaid problems.

Consulting Engineer, Aviation Industry, specializing in Navaids and Flight Inspection.

Flight Inspection Advisor/Navigation Aid Expert, ICAO East Africa. Responsible for reformation of Flight inspection Unit in Tanzania to serve the eastern and southern African States, and the restoration of Navaids in Tanzania.

Assistant Director Technical Development, New Zealand Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division. Responsible for overall management of Radar, communications, Navaids, and airfield lighting.

Chief Engineer Navigation Aids New Zealand ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division. Responsible for planning development and installation of radio Navaids, and technical advice to Flight Calibration Unit.

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