Brad Elliott

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Brad Elliott


ICASC Executive Secretariat

Flight inspection subject matter expert, and maintains FAA flight inspection guidance including   the 8200.1.  Provides technical support for flight inspection and flight validation to ground maintenance, engineering, procedure specialist, flight inspection pilots, and flight inspection mission specialists.

Brad started his aviation career in the U.S. Air Force as an ILS, VOR, TACAN, and meteorological maintenance technician.  He maintained navaids and meteorological equipment for 10 years, then he transitioned into flight inspection.  Brad moved from a U.S. Air Force position to a FAA position, and moved to Sacramento.  Brad worked as a mission specialist in Sacramento for 10 years, then he moved to Oklahoma City to be a team member in the Technical Support Group. 

Contact Information

Websites: FAA Flight Program Operations


Phone:       +1 405 954 1649



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