Fabrizio Maracich


Fabrizio Maracich


Flight Inspection Pilot

Special Projects

Current Activities

Mr. Maracich has been appointed flight inspection pilot in the ENAV (the Italian Company for Air Navigation Services) Flight Inspection Unit in the year 2000, following 11 years as an Air Traffic Controller. He is actively involved in international activities relevant to Flight Inspection and Air Traffic Management.  His current activities range from normal flight duties for the Flight Inspection Unit, provides support to other branches of ENAV in ATM related projects (mainly Surveillance, Data Link and ASAS) and project management in the field of flight simulation and procedure validation. He supports the ENAV Academy with briefings and lessons on specific topics, like Flight Inspection requirements and flight profiles, air navigation, future ATM concepts.

He is currently the crew training manager of the ENAV Flight Inspection Unit and a test and development pilot for flight Inspection systems.  He serves as a member of ICAO IFPP.

Recent Projects

The most relevant are the MFF (Mediterranean Free Flight, 2002-2005) and a research on vision enhancement for night flight inspection operations (including test flights in Italy and in the USA).
Mr. Maracich has been deeply involved in a major documents review and procedure optimisation, relevant to ENAV Flight Inspection operations manual.

Professional Flight Licenses and Ratings

Mr. Maracich holds JAA ATPL and FAA ATP, instructor ratings and authorization for experimental jets, aerobatics.

Academic and Professional Training Background

Aeronautical engineering, teaching methodology. Professional courses relevant to GNSS, R-NAV, security, dangerous goods, CRM, Data-Link applications, etc.


Mr. Maracich during his career received two Company commendation for outstanding achievements. When in the military (Italian Army) he has been awarded the “brigade soldier of the year” commendation for outstanding service (Alpine Brigade “Taurinense” – 1988).

Contact Information


Address: Italian Company for Air Navigation Services 

                      Hangar 127 Ciampino Airport

                      00040 Ciampino (Rome)


Phone: +39 320 569-5048

Fax: +39 067 908-6306

Email: fabrizio.maracich@enav.it

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