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Florence Jacolot


Mrs Florence Jacolot is a Senior Engineer at DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider. She joined the Flight Inspection Unit in 1997, after graduating from ENAC as a CNS ATSEP (IESSA).

She was first involved in the Flight Inspection System maintenance and development, working for the Engineering Support. She gained a solid experience in Flight Inspection Systems design, navigation receivers and antenna issues, aircraft modifications, RTK and DGPS Positioning reference systems.

From 2004 to 2008, following her interest for GNSS, she had an opportunity to work on EGNOS as Advanced technical support Engineer for the Space and Ground Segment Supervision System (CCF), and then as part of the ESSP (current EGNOS Service Provider) bid team for the first Safety of Life operations Call for Tender from the European Commission.

Since 2012, she’s responsible for GNSS, RNAV and PBN flight inspection and validation program within DSNA Flight Inspection Unit, which encompasses:

  • Development, procurement and validation of the FIS and aircraft evolutions required for all RNAV and PBN procedures Flight inspection
  • GNSS interferences detection and localization tools implementation,
  • Design and validation of a portable FIS for helicopter PBN procedures flight inspection,
  • Training of DSNA Flight Inspectors on PBN IFP Flight Inspection and Validation.
  • Training of DGAC/ENAC Pilots on PBN IFP Flight Inspection and Validation
  • Member of the DSNA SQUAD team managing Aircrew and ATC REX on PBN procedures
  • Training of foreign Flight Inspection bodies on PBN: Vietnam, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium

She has presented papers at international events on LPV and PBN and attended International Flight Inspection Symposium 5 times since 2002.

Contact Information


Address:   DTI

                      Pôle Contrôle en Vol (CNS/CEV)

                      1 Av. du Dr Maurice Grynfogel – CS 53584

                      31035 TOULOUSE Cedex


Phone:      +33 5 62 14 55 34


Email:         florence.jacolot@aviation-civile.gouv.fr

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