Futakami Hiroshi

Futakami Hiroshi


2024 IFIS Chairperson

Special Assistant to the Director,

Aeronautical Information and Flight

Inspection Planning Office

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB)

Futakami Hiroshi was graduated from Aeronautical Safety College in Tokyo in 1993, majoring in Air Traffic Safety Electronics, and then worked as an Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel for three years, mainly as a specialist in Navigation System operations. After that, he was boarding on a flight inspection aircraft as a radio analyst of flight inspection in Operations and Flight Inspection Division JCAB, and also as an avionics specialist, he was involved in large-scale upgrades of flight inspection aircraft. Especially In 2005, he played a central role in the functional evaluation of MSAS(SBAS) and communications by the Multi-function Transport Satellite.

In April 2011, he made a great contribution to the restoration of the airport after the Great East Japan Earthquake by coordinating flight inspections and carrying out support plans using flight inspection aircraft.

In April 2023 , after gaining experience as a chief engineer in charge of the development evaluation of air navigation radio facilities at the Technical Management Center, he was transferred to the Ministry and has just been appointed as the person in charge of planning for IFIS2024.

Contact Information



Phone:       (+81) 3-5253-8753


Email:        futakami-h09rq@mlit.go.jp

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