Asbjoern Madsen

Asbjoern Madsen


Operations Manager 

Normarc Flight Inspection System AS

Asbjorn Madsen holds a Bachelor Degree since his graduation in 1981. From 1981 he was engaged by the Flight Inspection Department of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Administration and given the opportunity to specialize in system operation of the current Analog Flight Inspection System, as well as system development of future generations Digital Flight Inspection systems.

In 1986 he started at Norsk Marconi, a company that was established in 1918 by Guglielmo Marconi himself in cooperation with Norwegian entrepreneurs. The company have been into several undramatic merging processes and division into smaller units, while the development and production of the Flight Inspection systems have continued without disruption. This is well founded in the current company name Normarc Flight Inspection Systems.

He has been with the company from the delivery of the first Semi-Automatic Flight Inspection System, through the latest Fully Automatic Flight Inspection System. And have gained a solid experience within:

  • Requirements and Specifications
  • Creating of Measurement Flight Procedures
  • Electronics and Avionics, Incl. VME Processor architecture, Display systems,
    dedicated Flight Inspection sensors and Electronic Flight Information systems
  • Positioning Reference systems like Theodolite systems, Laser Tracker systems and
    Automatic Positioning Reference systems, including implementation of DGPS-RTK technology
  • Aircraft Installations and Certification
  • Maintenance, Operator and Pilot Training Courses
  • Project and Department Management
  • Production, Testing, Acceptance Programs and Quality Management
    He now has obtained more than 20 years of experience within Flight Inspection.

Mr. Madsen has participated in all International Flight Inspection Symposiums (IFIS) since the 4th IFIS in Rome 1986. He has also participated in some of the Nordic Flight Inspection meetings.

Charter member of the International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration (ICASC) since the approval of the Charter in Brussels, Belgium, 1995.

Contact Information

Websites: Normarc Flight Inspection Systems AS

Address:   Postbox 2943 Solli

                       NO-0230 Oslo


Phone:       +47 90 17 97 75



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