Kazuyoshi Keboushi

Kazuyoshi Keboushi


Special Assistant to the Director,

Aeronautical Information and

Flight Inspection Planning Office,

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB)

Keboushi Kazuyoshi was graduated from Aeronautical Safety College in Tokyo in 1997, majoring in Air traffic safety Electronics, and then worked as an Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel for seven years, mainly as a specialist in RADAR operations. After that, he was boarding on a flight inspection aircraft as a radio analyst of flight inspection in Operations and Flight Inspection Division JCAB, and developed an RNAV inspection system as an AFIS application, and played a major role in introducing portable AFIS to support for Flight Validation of Point in Space procedure for a helicopter.

In 2011, he developed the Flight Validation Device in the introduction of flight validation based on Doc. 9906 and promoted the establishment of RNAV / RNP flight procedure.

In recent years, he works at the headquarter office of JCAB in Tokyo, and as a special assistant to the director in the Aeronautical Information and Flight Inspection Planning Office.

And he made the specifications for our new flight inspection aircraft while managing budget as a procurement leader.

In addition, while continuing to participate in the International GBAS Working Group, he has establishing GBAS flight inspection standards of JCAB.

Contact Information



Phone:       +81 3-5253-8753


Email:         keboushi-k09dd@mlit.go.jp

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